Hello Bella I watched your YouTube video where you talked about liking a guy and being straightforward about it, there’s this guy I like who’s also asking me out but every day we go out all he talks about is sex and the things he will do to my body and this is making me angry.

I don’t want a relationship based on sex, I have told him this; it’s not like I won’t have sex with him but we just met like two months ago and that’s all he talks about, I have told him to stop that I do not like it he says that’s the way he is and he loves me and wants to be free to talk about anything with me, what do I do?




Honey two months should be enough to know if you really love this guy to allow him access to your body, mind and soul; don’t be pressurized into having sex with him, sex isn’t pleasurable if only one party in a relationship is interested in it.

If he cannot b free with you and talk about these things then who should he talk to them about? it’s a good thing you love him and he loves you too, get comfortable when he talks about it, it’s nothing to be shy about; he’s been with you for two months and if you don’t feel ready having sex with him yet tell him this and if he can’t wait then both of you should move on.

Your mail says you also want to have sex with him but you don’t feel the time is right yet, honey know this if you’re scared the longer you keep it away from him the more he will respect you sometimes it doesn’t want that way, try and know if he wants a long term relationship with you or he just wants the sex and bounce thing with you.

I hope this works out for you, sex really isn’t that important in a relationship for some people.

Isabella Ibeji