I have always been spiritual than religious, i believe God is an entity who cannot be reached through a single source, he’s like a firm rooted tree with sprouted branches. We all say we worship same God then why do we feel our religion is the only and direct source to him?

Recently my neighbor came to preach to me, he’s been on my neck ever since i told him i wasn’t religious and wouldn’t attend his church. The day he came to preach we argued and argued, i told him God cannot be worshiped through a single source, if you invite me to a mosque i will attend, if you invite me to an Osun festival i will attend i don’t have to attend a church because i am seeking God.

I told him God gave us freewill to think, he gave us scientists and doctors and plastic surgeons, he gave us pharmacists and medicines, he wanted us to know there was more to him thats why we discovered other universes, thats why we can clone a human thats why we ca do IVF, thats why we can do inter sex change and etc.

I reminded him that Christians see Muslims as unbelievers and Muslims see Christians as infidels, none of them are right of course but what do they know. He told me to repent that hell is real, i told him i have seen hell, i have seen the rapture more times than i can count, i told him not to believe everything he read in the bible as it was written by human beings like us, he got up looked at me and said “Na God hand u de” lol.

 Now back to my question, i get fascinated when people speak in tongue, in some churches if you dont speak in tongues u never belong, i had a flatmate in my hundred level then who stays with her boyfriend, after dem nack finish you go hear her then speak in tongue lol.

During the halleluyah challenge, i was praying, crying, in spirit, whenever i pray to God i cry, because i feel his awesomeness through me, even when im singing praises, during this time i was praying i found myself speaking a language i do not understand, i was scared so i stopped lest i blasphemed, i continued praying and it started again, but i couldnt understand what i was saying so i stopped again.

Dear christians, when you speak in tongues do you understand what you’re talking about? i thought some people were gifted with interpreting this speaking in tongues while others spake it? how come we have less interpreters and more speakers?

Isabella Ibeji