This is going to be an interesting read so I will implore we read without bias and sentiments.
This is a man’s world we have said times without number, but when it comes to marketing products we say women have the upper hand (: often times I have wondered who ever brought up this misconception.
I have seen many people reject a career in marketing because it’s been perceived to be hard and not doable, I have seen job adverts asking specifically for female marketers, light skinned and single are some of the criteria that come with these adverts, I had a colleague tell me one time “You’re a woman, marketing these products should be very easy” I found it sexist, objectifying and offending to my hustle, things aren’t going to get better for me because I am a woman, things are going to get better for me because I am good at what I do.
I recently got appointment as an investment advisor with one of the biggest Real Estate Investment Firm in the country, this company made me understand the equality In Gender and opportunities, every one of us is given the same opportunity and tools to survive, no preference or inequality, woman or not you need to work twice as hard as everyone now this is a very healthy work environment.
Now I will not be a hypocrite and say I have always wanted to be a marketer or sales executive no, but when the opportunity surfaced did I turn tail and run? No! I faced it head on, I read on it, I watched YouTube videos, I rebranded my LinkedIn account and followed top sales influencers, I had no intention of slacking on the job or let inexperience hold me back, everything I saw around me were opportunities, I dreamt marketing, I ate marketing, I was working in that company like I owned it, learn to love a job not because it is a passion but because it is an experience {Isabella Ibeji).
I will like to say once again, there are no preference in marketing, you’re either good at it or bad but this should not deter you from taking up the opportunity when it presents itself, do not be an unemployed lazy person with a choice, being a marketing executive will always be one of the best things that happened to me not because I was very good at it at the time but because I was willing to learn on the job and do better.
To potential consumers/customers out there, please give everyone a chance a minute of your time may seem much at the moment to listen to a sales pitch but so many people have lost money making investments due to preference of Gender, free yourself from the thought that female marketers are easy marks for your perversions, listen to them as you would a new business deal, let us make this country great again by investing in ideas and making such ideas realities, Nigeria is a great Country but its growth remains In our hands.
Isabella Ibeji.